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Frequently Asked Questions

Published by Wendy Mullen
Oct 17, 2018


Updated November 30, 2023

                               Frequently Asked Questions


How do I register?


Spring registration opens each year on January 10th and closes on March 15th for all divisions except the boys 15-18U division.  The 15-18U division will remain open until at least May 1 each year.  Most divisions start practices in late April with games in early May.  The exception is Small Ball which starts middle of May and the 15-18U boys high school division starts in June.  Fall registration opens each year on June 1st and closes on July 15th each year.


You may register online by visiting our website at www.gcybsa.com and clicking on the red circle that says "click here to register" that is located on the top right corner and under the Sponsor box (near facebook and Dick’s Sporting Goods logo).   A Mail-In/Walk-In Registration form is also available on our website under the “Available for Download” section.  The Mail-In/Walk-In Registration forms must either be mailed to GCYBSA, 46555 Michigan Avenue, Canton, MI, 48188, or dropped off at our office at Canton Sports Center at the above address.  Please note, Mail-In/Walk-In Registration forms must be submitted and received by March 1st.  Please contact us at 734-394-5358 to verify we are in the office before stopping by as our hours are M-Thursday 10 am - 2:30 pm.


Is there a multi-player family discount?


Yes, we offer a multi-family discount for 3 or more players.  The third player (lowest-priced division) is half off.  When registering online, all family members must be signed up and paid in the same cart in order for the system to apply the discount.  If you prefer, we will accept walk-in registration if submitted by March 1st.  If coming to the office, please contact Wendy Mullen at [email protected]to verify hours and make an apt.


How are teams formed?


Teams are formed by returning players first.  If there is an opening on that team, we will fill it with a player based on the school.



Can I make a request for team placement?


You may make a request for team placement. Attempts will be made to accommodate requests, but parents are cautioned that not all requests can be granted.    Refunds are not granted if team placement does not meet the request. If there is a request for a specific team and there is an opening and the player attends the same school as other players on the team, then we will most likely grant that request.  Please note, we will not remove a player from his/her current team to make room for a new request.  There are times we do have to combine schools depending on the number of players signed up at each grade/age level per school.  



Can girls sign up for baseball?


All baseball programs are coed.  Our Small Ball and T-Ball divisions comprise both boys and girls.  Girls will have two options for age 7 and above.  Girls interested in playing softball may sign up for Softball Age 8.  Girls interested in playing baseball may continue to play coach pitch and beyond.  Most girls do generally tend to move towards softball. 



Are there tryouts? 


There are no tryouts held for our recreational teams.  We do hold tryouts for our travel teams.  These tryouts outs are held in mid-late July each year and the dates will be posted on our website at www.gcybsa.com.  If your child is interested in playing up a grade/year he/she must attend a play-up evaluation which will be held during the travel tryouts.  Play-up evaluations are only held for players seeking to play up to Grade 3-Age 9 and above divisions.  Along with the evaluation, your child has to be approved by the commissioner. 


What is the cut-off date for baseball and/or softball?


For recreational players, we allow the player to play by age or grade level as there is some overlap of ages in grades.  Either works.   

The national cut off-age for enrolling in baseball is April 30 of that year and for softball the age of Dec. 31 of the prior year.  Example:  To play Baseball Grade 5 – Age 11, you should be 11 years old on or before April 30, 2024, or in grade 5.  To play Softball 10, you should be 10 years old or under as of Dec. 31, 2023.  These dates are used for our travel and competitive programs.   In our recreational program, we have extended the cut-off date to allow players to play by grade so players are with their classmates. If your player is young for his/her grade, we or even you may want to consider moving them into the lower grade category.


Can my child play up or down in Grade/Age division in recreational?


Playing Up:


We have already extended the cutoff age to include players in the same grade.  To play a grade above the current grade level, the player must be in grade 2 or higher and attended the player evaluation held during the travel/competitive tryouts.  These tryouts/evaluations are held in August of the previous year and the date(s) are published on our website.  The commissioner for that age group must also approve.  We will not allow players to play up if they have not passed an evaluation or are not at the appropriate grade level. 



Playing Down:


In some instances, players will request to play down.  Circumstances are considered on an individual basis.  If your player is young for his/her grade, we will consider moving them into the lower grade division.



How can I volunteer to be a coach?


In order to volunteer as a coach, you must fill out a Coach Application form.  This form may be found on our website at www.gcybsa.com under the “Available for Download” section.  A background check will be performed and if you are selected, you must attend the coach meeting held prior to the start of the season.  For more information, please email us at [email protected]


What nights are games on and when are practices?


The registration form will reflect the game nights that are most commonly assigned particular grade/age divisions.  These dates are tentative.  Players should be prepared to play as needed on weekends or weekday nights especially in the case of make-up games due to inclement weather.


Practices are generally held once per week/and or at the discretion of the coach.  The coach’s schedule and field availability will determine the practice evening.  For T-Ball and Coach Pitch division, practices are generally held during the week with games held on Friday evening (Coach Pitch) or Saturday morning (T-Ball).  For Grade 3 (Age 9) division through Grade 7th/8th (Ages 13/14) practices are typically held during the weekend while two games are held during the week. Typical game nights are as follows:


Division                                 Game Nights                                          Practices       

T-Ball                                    Saturday mornings                                 During Week

Coach Pitch                          Friday evenings                                      During Week

Grade 3 – Age 9                   Monday and Wednesday evenings         Weekend

Grade 4 – Age 10                 Tuesday and Thursday evenings            Weekend

Grades 5/6 – Ages 11/12      Tuesday and Thursday evenings             Weekend

Grades 7/8 – Ages 13/14     Monday and Wednesday evenings          Weekend

Softball Coach Pitch              Wedneday evening                                 Weekend
Sofball Prep 9-11U                Tuesday and Thursday evenings            Weekend
Softball Junior 11-14U           Mondays and Wednesdays                     Weekend

Where are games played?

Game fields will vary by grade/age division and evening.  Some of the facilities used are Canton Sports Center, Plymouth Township Park, Griffin Park, Heritage Park, Flodin Park, and Plymouth-Canton Community Schools.  Some teams will play in local communities.


How long is the season?

The season may vary by grade/age group depending on field availability, weather, and holidays.  The spring season generally begins in the early to middle of May and concludes by July 4th or middle of July.    For baseball divisions Grade 3 (Age 9) and higher, we attempt to finish the regular season and the playoff tournament prior to July 4th.


For T-Ball and Coach Pitch, games are once a week during the school year.  We do try to play approx. 2 games a week in lieu of practice once school is out.  This would be the mid-June to the end of June so that we can finish before the 4th of July.  If necessary, teams can play into July (the 4th of July week would be off). 


The fall season begins with practices at the end of August with games starting after Labor Day and concludes around the third week of October.


Can siblings play on the same team?

 A sibling may play on the same team if they are twins.  GCYBSA generally discourages siblings of different grades/ages from playing together because it requires approving a player to play up, which then takes a spot away from a grade/age-appropriate player and more importantly, often diminishes the experience for one of the siblings. It is best to have the siblings on separate teams so they each have a chance to shine and not compete against each other.  For coach pitch grade 1 and grade 2 we do allow siblings to play together since the divisions both play on Friday nights.


If an evaluation occurs, or there are blended grade/age groups in the program such as softball or fall baseball, then it may be okay for siblings to play together on the same team.


When will I know the assigned coach and when does practice begin?


Rosters will be emailed to coaches the week of April 22, 2024.  Coaches will contact their team that week.  Some coaches may be out of town during spring break while others may be in town.  So please allow them time to contact you.  If you have not heard from your coach after spring break has concluded then please email us at [email protected] or look for instructions on the website at www.gcybsa.com.


Practices typically begin the last week of April for most division (except for small ball and hs 15-18U).  This is weather dependent. Fields are not available until after spring break and are not officially assigned until released by the schools or the townships.  Teams meeting and practicing prior to field permits being issued do so without the sanctioning of GCYBSA. 


What equipment will be provided?  What equipment do I need to provide?


GCYBSA will provide each registered player with a t-shirt jersey, hat, and socks.  Teams will be provided with baseballs, 2 bats, and catching gear for divisions T-Ball and up.  Players are to provide their own helmet, glove, pants, appropriate athletic shoes, protective cup.  Players may use their own bats as long as it meets GCYBSA standards. Helmets should not be shared. 


Small Ball – A participation shirt will be provided.  Each player should have their own baseball glove.  All other necessary equipment will be provided by the league.