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Welcome to the Greater Canton Youth Baseball Softball Association of Canton, MI

Weatherline 734-394-5489 is updated each day by 4 pm.

Fall Registration is currently open until July 10, 2016. To register click on the red circle that says "click here to register online" in the top right corner or under the sponsor box. Players should sign up for the grade they will be entering in the fall season. Click on Registration Information tab for more information.

Rosters for fall season will go out Aug. 1.

For information on Canton Cardinals/Canton Crossfire tryouts, please read travel tryouts article under the News section.

GCYBSA Contact Info:

Office: 734-394-5358
Weather Line: 734-394-5489 (updated by 4 pm each game day)
Recent Scores
Softball 10U Prep: Dodgers-Hetzel 60/35: 13
Softball 10U Prep: Cubs-Schmidt 60/35: 10

Softball 10U Prep: Tigers-Reeser 60/35: 6
Softball 10U Prep: Angels-Moore 60/35: 13

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