Greater Canton Youth Baseball Softball Association - Canton, MI
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Board of Directors

Mullen, Wendy Wendy.mullen@canton-mi.comFall Small Ball
Mullen, Wendy Wendy.mullen@canton-mi.orgFall T-Ball Commissioner
Mullen, Wendy Wendy.mullen@canton-mi.orgFall Coach Pitch Grade 1 Commisioner
Mullen, Wendy7343945358 wendy.mullen@canton-mi.orgFall Coach Pitch Grade 2 Commissioner
Glaspie, Steve Sglas1099@gmail.comFall Grade 4 Commissioner
Yeager, Jeff Jyeags@gmail.comFall Grades 5/6 Commissioner
Allen, Steve Stephencallen@sbcglobal.netFall Grade Grades 7/8 Commissioner
Mullen, Wendy Wendy.mullen@canton-mi.orgFall Grade 5/6 Travel Commissioner
Mullen, Wendy wendy.mullen@canton-mi.org15-18U Commissioner
Urquhart, Dave DUrquhart1@aol.comGirl's Softball Commissioner
Mullen, Wendy Travel-Cardinals Red Commissioner
Garbacz, Jeff jmgarbacz_1999@yahoo.comTravel-Cardinals Blue Commissioner
Bottorff, Joe cantonumps@gmail.comUmpire Coordinator
Smith, MarcE2012 cantoncardinals20129u@gmail.comBoard Member - President
Gutowski, RonE2013 rgutowski@sbcglobal.netBoard Member - Vice President
Carravallah, Ann-Marie acarravallah@canton-mi.orgBoard Member
Todd, CourtneyE2014 ctodd0202@gmail.comBoard Member - Treasurer
Allen, SteveE 2015 stephencallen@sbcglobal.netBoard Member
Garbacz, Erica Board Member
Glaspie, SteveE2017 sglas1099@gmail.comBoard Member
Neuhart, TomE2014 tom.neuhart@gmail.comBoard Member
, Boad Member
Samulski, Brian PCCS Representative
Mullen, WendyE2012 wendymullen730@yahoo.comProgram Coordinator

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