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Coach Update 4/18/17


Written by: League Administrator
Thursday, April 20, 2017

4-18-17 Update:


Thank you for volunteering to coach a GCYBSA team again this year. We thank you for your time and dedication.

We are starting to lock down registration for most of our divisions. There are some divisions that are completely full and some that have a few openings. After 4/9/17 we will shut the registration completely down so we can focus on the rosters.

Here is some key important dates:

Equipment& Uniform Pickup and Coach Meeting – Sunday, April 23rd.

Equipment & Uniform pickup will be at Extra Space Storage. Extra Space Storage is located at 6729 N Canton Center Rd (north of Hanford/south of Warren). To enter the gate, you must enter code 4071492*. Once inside, turn right and go down to the second to last aisle. We are shed 407 & 408. You will need the code to exist the facility as well. Please note, each car must enter the code. Please do not follow a car inside without entering the code. If you do, I will get complaints.

Coach Meeting will be held in the Professional Development Center Room (PDC) at the Summit on the Park in Canton. The address is 46000 Summit Pkwy. Summit Pkwy is on the also known as Palmer Road and is west of Canton Center. Turn west off of Canton Center Rd. The PDC room is directly across the restrooms and across from the banquet rooms.

T-Ball, Coach Pitch Grade 1 and Coach Pitch Grade 2 should pick up their equipment from 4:00 – 5:15 pm. Coach meeting for these groups is from 5:30 – 6:30 pm.

Grades 3 – 7/8 should pick up their equipment from 5:30 – 6:45 pm. Coach meeting for these groups is from 7:00 – 8:00 pm.

Special note of uniforms: Some of you may not have your usual team name this year. Majestic is phasing out the standard cotton t-shirt jersey and moving to a performance shirt. We had to go with the uniforms they had in stock. Some teams like the Cubs, Mudhens and others were not available. Plus we had to order these uniforms in January to get them delivered in time.

***Please note, it is extremely important to make this equipment pickup. Our volunteers have limited time and their own teams as well. When picking up your equipment, please make sure you have your bats, a few helmets and all catcher's gear. Too often, items are checked resulting in additional shed hours. If we have to make more shed trips, then it will delay rosters, practices and game schedules. So please make every attempt to go on the scheduled dates.

Rosters – Monday, April 24 or sooner.

We plan to send rosters out Monday, April 24th. If you do not receive your roster by Tuesday, April 25th, please contact your commissioner. It is important that once you receive your roster, you contact your families immediately. Any delay, will result in extra work for the league which will slow us down to finish your game schedules. So help us by doing contacting your families.

Practice Requests:

Please click on the below link to submit your practice request. Please note: No practices until the last week of April. This means no unofficial practices. Don't assume you know your rosters. Each year we seem to have an issue where parents call saying their son's friend already knows what team they are on and have been practicing. Sometimes, the aren't on that team. We make every effort possible to meet requests, but in some instance there are 14-20 requests and only 12-13 spots. We put returning players back on the team first. We can't change requests either once we start the rosters.

A few important things to know when filling out practice request.

If your team plays weekday games, you need to practice on the weekend. If your teams plays on the weekend (Friday or Saturday) then you need to practice during the week. We need to do this as we don't have enough fields each day so we have to balance the usage between games and practices.

If requesting a weekday practice, your times would be 6:00 – 7:30 or 7:30 to 9:00 (dusk). The middle school fields will have lacrosse on them and most are not accessible until after they finish for the month of May. For example, Discovery will not be available in May until after 7:00, West until 6:30, Pioneer until 7:30. In June, lacrosse should be done and we can have practices start at 6 pm. If requesting a weekend practice, the time slots are on the even hours such as 9 am, 11 am, 1 pm, 3 pm, 5 pm, and 7 pm. Please note that Pioneer sill not be available until 11:30 on Saturdays. There we will start on the even hours for Saturday only - 12 pm, 2 pm, 4 pm and 6 pm. Sundays at Pioneer will use 9 am, 11 am, etc. like the other. If you are a younger team, you should request an elementary field. Not all fields are going to be in the best shape. Unfortunately the schools don't always keep the fields in the best shape as they don't have enough resources. We will send our field prep out but it will take them time to get to all the fields and in weather like this, it is hard to get on some fields with their equipment without causing more damage. Please be patient. We are very fortunate to get to use the school fields as other organizations do not have access. So we need to make what we have work.

Game Schedules:

These will be worked on last, as we have to finish rosters first so we know exactly how many teams we have in each age group. Please be patient. We will try to get you your rosters and practice permits the last week of April so that we can get you out on the fields asap. As for games, know that if you are playing on the below date as your first game. All games are in evening at either 6 or 8 pm. We will try to limit 8 pm games for younger grades on school nights when possible. It may be necessary for some 8 pm games which depends on field availability. We will try to avoid for grade 3 and 4 when possible. T-ball games only will be in the mornings at either 9 or 11 am.

T-Ball Saturday, May 6

Coach Pitch Grade 1 Friday, May 5

Coach Pitch Grade 2 Friday, May 5

Grade 3 Wednesday, May 10

Grade 4 Thursday, May 11

Grade 5 Wednesday, May 10

Grade 6 Thursday, May 11

Grade 7/8 Wednesday, May 10

Picture Day:

Ideal Photos will be hosting Picture Day on May 22nd and May 23rd. A signup link will be sent at a later day._


August 2016


Here are a few important pieces of information I wanted to share with you.

Equipment/Uniform pickup is tonight at Extra Space Storage located at 6729 N Canton Center Rd (just north of Hanford/south of Warren). The gate to enter the code is 4071492*. Once inside the gate turn right and go to second to last aisle and turn left. We are sheds 407 & 408. You will see cars there. Please make sure you all have equipment needed when you leave. Make sure to count your uniforms to make sure you have enough hats/jerseys for # of players on your team. Make sure you have all the catcher's gear such as mask, chest protector, 2 shin guards and a catcher's glove. We don't have someone at the shed every day and games start this Friday. If you need a scorebook, make sure to get one from us. Tees are only given out to t-ball and small ball groups. It's important to get everything tonight otherwise you may not have it in time for your first game. If you can't make it, send an asst coach, parent from the team, spouse or anyone else you can find. Daniel Douglas is our equipment manager and he won't be able to go back after tonight as he is a coach himself and coaches two teams that play Monday-Thursday. So it's extremely important to get everything tonight.

Uniforms Sizes When passing out uniforms please pass out base on size and not number. We need to make what is in the box work. If you have a bigger player that needs a bigger size than what is in the box, then I need to know by Monday, Aug. 15 so that I can place an order. These will take a couple of weeks to receive, so you will need to have the player where another shirt until it comes in. Coaches, please understand if you play a team and a player doesn't have a matching shirt. Once the shirts are in, then everyone must wear the team uniform.

Weather Line Please make sure to have your parents call the GCYBSA weather line at 734-394-5489 after 4 pm. We will update the line each day around 4 pm. We wait until then as often storms seems to roll in during the later afternoon/early evening. Plus sometimes if we had other night or early morning storms we need to make sure fields dry in time for games. We use several weather applications to decide on if games or on or not. We try to make the best educated decision we can at the time, but we all know the weather can change in Michigan at any minute

Concession Stands The concession stands at Plymouth Township Park and Heritage Park will be open Monday – Friday starting on Aug. 15. The concessions are run by youths with disabilities and all proceeds are donated to Special Olympics. Everything at the concession stands is $1. The concession stands have been a big hit with our GCYBSA families as they sell water, Gatorade, hot chocolate and coffee on those cold evenings that will be here sooner than we want. Plus with each purchase you are giving back to Special Olympics.

Scores Please report your scores each night to Each team should report the score. Please do so. It is very time consuming to have to email coaches for scores. Report the score whether you won or loss so that we know we have it for sure. Scorekeepers should be checking with the opposing team to make sure the score matches after each inning. I can't stress how important this is. Often scores are reported and they don't match. I have had one team report a win and the opposing team report a tie. I won't know which it is. That's why the score keepers need to check with each other each inning so that if there is a discrepancy they can figure out it right then. We have had teams lose because the coach thought it was tied and it wasn't so you can imagine how upsetting that is.


Update 4/17/16

Equipment pickup is on 4/17/16 from 4:30 to 7:30 at Extra Space Storage on Canton Center Rd in Canton (north of Hanford/south of Warren). Code to gate is 4071492*. After entering gate turn right and take that to second to last aisle and turn left. We are sheds 407 and 408.

There will be an additional pickup on Monday, April 18 from 5:30 to 7:30.

Rosters are schedule to tentatively go out on 4/20/16.


Coaches, please submit your coach application form for the 2016 Spring Season. Uniform orders will be placed in late Jnauary. If you have a specific request for a team name, your application form must be received by Jan 20, 2016 otherwise you will be assigned a random team name from the list of uniforms we ordered.

Registration will open January 10 and close March 15. Please email your team from last year and let the families know what grade division you will be coaching this year. Please do this as it will help keep parents from signing up in the wrong division. ______________________________________________________________________________________________

Update 4-13-15

Dear Coaches,

Our comissioners and I have been busy working on getting the season up and ready. Below is some important information.


We are working to finalize rosters this week and we plan to send rosters to coaches early next week. Watch for your rosters through email on either Monday, April 20th or Tuesday, April 21st. Be sure to check your email and the email that was used to register your child with. It takes us awhile to send them all so it may take us two days to get them out to everyone. Once you receive your rosters, please contact your families asap. If you receive inquiries about team placement, please don't agree or volunteer to take players. Some of you may be asked. Please explain that a lot of work and effort went into the rosters and we tried our best and granted the requests when possible. In some cases we were not able to such as if a coach had more requests than players allowed on a team. They may have requested a friend that didn't sign up or that friend requested a team that was full or is in a different grade/age division. If they are persistent, then can send them to me.

Practice Request

Please submit your practice request be clicking on the below link:

(you will have to copy and paste that link into your broswer)

Weekend practices are scheduled on the odd hours such as 9 am, 11 am, 1 pm, 3 pm, 5 pm and 7 pm. Week day practices are scheduled for either 6 pm or 7:30 pm. If you are a team in grade 3 and above with weekday games then you should be requesting a weekend practice such as a Friday, Saturday or Sunday. If you are a t-ball or coach pitch team with a Friday, then you should be requesting a weekday practice such as a Monday - Thursdays.

Practices will not begin until the week of April 27. We do not have extra fields or time slots available for extra practices. I wish we did, but we have limited fields and some divisions may have to share. If you are sharing a field, it can easily be done. Teams can rotate infield and outfield practice. This is more likely to happen in our t-ball or coach pitch divisions where we have a large amount of teams. We will try our best not to share fields but it may be unavoidable in some circumstances.

Please remind families no pets at any field which include schools, and township parks. This always seems to happen and we need everyone's help so we don't lose a field.

Coach Meeting - Equipment Pickup

There will be a coach meeting on Sunday, April 19. The coach meeting will be held at the Summit in the Professional Development Center Room . The address for the Summit is 46000 Summit Park Way, Canton. If you need directions, let us know. Please see meeting times below. This meeting is not mandatory, but it is a good opportunity to meet fellow coaches, learn about website and how to find game information, discuss rules and questions. We encourage new coaches to attend.

You may also pickup your equipment this same day as well. The equipment pickup is at Extra Space Storage which is located at 6729 N. Canton Center Rd (west side of the road and between Warren and Hanford Roads). When you enter the parking lot, you will need to enter code 4071492* (don't forget the *) in order for the gate to open. You will also need that code to exit the gate when leaving. Once inside the gate, turn right. Take this to the second to last aisle and turn left. Our sheds are 407 & 408 and halfway down. It's easy to find us and there will be several cars there.

T-Ball , Coach Pitch Grades 1 & 2 Equipment Pick 3:30 - 4:30 pm Coach Meeting 5:00 - 6:00 pm

Grades 3 (9U) - 7th/8th (13/14U) Equipment Pickup 4:30 - 5:30 pm Coach Meeting 6:30 - 7:30 pm

Please watch coach update on the website for other important information.

Wendy Mullen GCYBSA Program Coordinator

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